Ottawa Bathrooms & Hardwood

Our Vision: To serve our community with passion and change homes for the better, one bathroom at a time.

Our Mission: To continually do good work until we are recognized as industry leaders and continue to set the bar higher from that point forward.

ABOUT Ottawa Bathrooms

We are a team of dedicated professionals who are passionate about quality work and outstanding customer service.

Construction for us is a perfect channel in which we can express our skills and abilities to create beautiful and highly useful end results.


Key Values

#1 Quality Production

Our team focuses on a high quality output at every step of the process.

Have you ever heard them say that a strong foundation will ensure your house stands through what may come? Translated, that means not only is everything connected, but it all works together as a system and critical steps cannot be missed if you want a quality product.

Construction in most cases works like a pyramid, it's easy to change things at the beginning, but as you go up in levels, it becomes impossible without starting over. For example, it's easy to change the framing while framing, but once the drywall is up & mudded, the walls have been primed & painted and you notice there are big gaps because the walls are crooked, it's a little more difficult to fix without undoing a lot of the work and material already invested.

These are hard lessons and we know how to avoid such pitfalls. We do this for a living and we deliver top quality production.
#2 Outstanding Service

The concept here is simple, you are our number one! This is your home, your bathroom and we are your friendly professionals.

Our principals when dealing with clients:

1) Respect: The golden rule is truly golden. We put forth our best and forget the rest.

2)Flexibility: Things change! We accomodate as much as possible. We understand this is a process and we are here for you.

3) Trust: We know trust is earned and we won't steer you wrong. You can rest easy knowing our integrity and dedication are sound.
#3 Dedication to Improvement

Folks, we need you to know that we are passionate about growth in every aspect of our business.

From todays construction technology, to cutomer service standards, to constant streamlining of processes, we are on the edge of what is possible. 

This keeps us actively engaged and focused on our work, which translates to high quality all-around results.