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Ottawa Bathrooms & Hardwood

We love bathrooms!

We're glad you made it here! You can relax knowing that we make this easy, all you've got to do is say the word. We've got your back.

We are driven to create high quality spaces for your home. From the basics, to the luxury, we have the experience, tools and a winning attitude to make it happen. The best reward for us comes from doing a great job and equally ensuring that we provided the highest customer service available. 

Why choose us? 

We care - about our clients. We understand that taking on a renovation means we will be inside the homes of our valued clients and ensure that our interactions and attitudes will only bring in positive energy. Above all, that this is your bathroom. If you want things a certain way, we get that and we're here for you. 

We are skilled- at our job. Each job presents its own set of challenges. We are equipped with the right quality tools, skills and experience to tackle those challenges efficiently. This is our career and we take it seriously.

We love what we do-and we do it well. It's often said that you don't need a vacation if you love what you do. We feel this way about our work. Although our bodies and minds do need to rest so we can perform optimally, we never feel like we just can't wait to get away. Doing an awesome job drives our moralle and we thrive on it.

A Testimonial

“My name is Adriana, I live in Stittsville and I hired Ottawa Bathrooms to do the renovation on our horrible bathroom. They did an excellent job, went beyond and I have to say, we are a bit picky,  demanding and punctual. They installed our cabinets, our bathtub, ceramic around the tub and toilet. They also installed the toilet and ceramic on the floor. Our bathroom looks really nice, and it is the nicest in our house. 

They answered all our questions, always on time, told us when something needed to be purchased and also offered to do that for us so we didn’t have to go to the store. They also did our tiles in our hallway, and it looks very nice.

Their manners are really good, very polite and understanding guys. I would recommend them for any job and we do plan to call them again in the spring for our other bathroom and laundry room.

Thank you so much!”- Adriana